Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wolf Buddy

Wolf Buddy

this song is mostly me playing this little descending lick on acoustic guitar, something i wrote while watching tv with emily.. it's Em , D , C , C with a Gflat..

i think it's kinda neat, so i recorded that one day all by itself.. that was the verse.. the solo bits are all ripped off of a king hen song that i'm really into, and i kinda just wanted to solo over those rising changes in this big 9 measure phrase. fun stuff.

i'm real into the idea of crazy old men living in the woods in frontier america becoming part of a wolf pack and running through the woods like a lycanthrope of old europe. bizarre old west witches living in caves, dealing in gold dust. yeah - that's good stuff.

today i worked for the mercury.. cold and wet all morning, but the sun came out this afternoon while i worked downtown. that was nice. i need a coffee grinder.

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