Monday, December 11, 2006


this song was a headache, pretty much from the beginning.. i'm working without a piano and a drumset, these days, in our little apartment.. so i'm limited by a lot things that i've taken for granted. blah blah.. in any case, this song has at least three new experiments all thrown into it, and i really started to like it again near the end of it's birth.. it's an odd bird. super ripped up guitar sounds, twitchy little percussion bits, swirling keyboard bits, and robots. oh man.


to the slaughter of the gods:

should i stop? (this left unconquered)
stabs and gasps
hooray i'm gonna be famous
instantly and obvious

lets take our hats off to the lost
come back with the latest fashions
we can't scratch back into why,
but we get frail before our time
our bones grown random

we feel our hearts burn through gauze,
with thin lines that bind the things we believe and what they cost
we cant come close enough to say
climb up into nothing and bring back those old fashioned ways

so lets take our hats off to the loss
should i stop, this life unconquered?
stabs and gasps, hooray i'm gonna be famous

to work!

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