Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Aaron's Birthday

today is my birthday, and matt and emily and i are all hanging out, celebrating and making music.. i gotta get back to it, but i wanted to post this.. for the record - i wrote it today. i woke up this morning, 'round 9:30-10 and got some half and half, made some coffee, and started working on this.. the entire thing happened over the course of 11 hours or something.. which has got to be some kinda record, at least for me. i'm giddy and pround, kinda. also drunk on wine, ha!

Aaron's Birthday

sometimes potatoes have eyes,
like tornadoes and needles
dr. jones likes it clockwise
some folks like to get high
marching along
to the sun on the sea
take a seat at the helm
steer the ship to the end of the world
thanks for getting born
so we can all laugh at what you do.
eyes, eyes.
eyes, eyes.

gotta run.

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