Friday, December 08, 2006

i got a love

i got a love for a pony with wings.
i got a love for a pony that sings.
she's cries the saddest songs while traveling.
her wings cut through the air, her voice is gonna tear your heart away.

we love to fly about and see the country,
we're always looking sharp and making friends.
we often say goodbye, but we often mean to try and come back again.

last night was a Peabody's show at Satyricon.. it was alright, i suppose.. the other bands were attentive. ha! 48 Thrills really kicked ass last night, despite going on last to a handful of people. great songs, great energy.. and Scratch always does fine, and we spent a good bit of time at Ground Kontrol, where they actually serve beer. it was a pretty good night. i should have gone to the Color Lab and said hi to Pat and celebrated the studio opening, but i couldn't rally. i'm sure it was a good time, and the Color Lab looked great, and Pat's a good guy.

ski lodge party at Erik's tonight. yeehaw!

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