Wednesday, March 29, 2006

sons of ja'rel

i had to kill the song a day project. it was quite a monster.

i wrote 118 songs.

which is about 70 or 80 more than i thought i could do.


anyhow, jacob and i used to record a good deal of stuff together, as the Sons of Ja'rel. i suppose we still do, but we've been on a long break lately.

to console me in the wake of the project's death, i started listening to old songs.

It's As Important As Relativity


Anonymous said...

That was a most impressive run of song writing.

Someone should make a movie about it. Of course, supplemented with high-speed car chases, suitcases full of drugs, and some sort of a femme fatale character who's actually an undercover cop.

Greg said...

I mourn today.
Alas, 'twas a good time...all those songs...who knew you had it within?
Most sadly...where were Aaron and Emily on Saturday? A party was had..but we were without...and now I don't have the songs for the iPod...or spontaneous enjoyment...
Yes...I mourn today...heartbroken...yet still free...

Aaron MacDonald said...

sorry about missing the party, of course. i had a terrible weekend. sort of. and i had every intention of going to your party, all the way up to about 4pm.

Anonymous said...

Aaron!!!! Whats up man? This is your cousin Joe. I didnt know any other way to contact you other then by this. Email me with a better way. Id love to talk to you. Or call, 251-422-9514.