Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lottery Stubs

solo artists hold a special place in my heart. it's not just that they're selfish, or self-centered or what have you.. it's more that they've confronted a lot of the problems with artistic collaboration, namely, that you sacrifice the strength of your 'vision' with compromise. some bands are a little more than the sum of their parts.. or maybe two people really feed into each other and become better through the relationship (mccartney, or springsteen, etc..). but i think those things are the exception. a talented individual is often buried by the friends they keep.

or something.

i think bands have to be careful, the lowest common denominator is much more likely than lofty new heights.

or something.

i just rant, i guess..

emily and i just got back from helping our friends kristin and zack work on their documentary contest/project.. it's about the rollerderby league here in portland. pretty amazing stuff, and i've only seen two teams practice. i think it's a good topic for the project, also.. i hope it works out well. and they want our help tomorrow, and saturday night, so my song writing time is already sorta squeezed out. so emily and i wrote this just now. i love the lyrics.

almost pretty is enough for me
remember deep inside
feeling potential die
failure is all you've got, but it's proof that you tried
open hands are empty hands
so clutch the dark for glass and sand
you're a catchy tune that came whistling through
we keep getting older
i keep thinking of you
i can't stop thinking of you
we said goodbye with our eyes on the sunrise
we said goodbye
lottery stubs and tattoo wings
were all we had to fly
but man did we get high.

poignant stuff. ha!


Anonymous said...

Three dollar winner, fourteen dollar winner, today not a winner but at bingo sometimes two hundred fifty dollar winner.

you should really post your address somewhere on this site, i'd like to send you some money in a wax-sealed envelope.

Aaron MacDonald said...

yes. yes i should get some money in a wax sealed envelope. yes.

Anonymous said...

that envelope full of cash isn't gonna make it very far walking. I suggest the mail system, the mail system suggests itself in return. mailmen are very suggestive, in their tight shorts and all those stamps at hand.