Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Banhammer Blues

Banhammer Blues

you just really wanna win
so you cheat a little bit
or send some pictures to a friend
but we object to the content
and now you've forced bungie's hand

you got smacked by the hammer (banhammer!)
you got sent to banadu (banadu!)
and there's nothing you can do,
but say you're sorry

umm.. if you can't play Halo, you might as well write songs about Halo. umm..

of course, i've been working on a bunch of other songs.. three or four are coming along nicely, plus Matt and I are kicking some things around.. and the New Mexican Revolution has perked up a bit, with a new accordion player and a few gigs and such, so that's been nice.

also, the studio is awesome.. i'd say it's probably 80% set.. i meant to post some pictures, but too much happens at once sometime.. i suppose i'll have to finish some more songs and post more entries, and the pictures'll get up here eventually.. good stuff.

lastly, emily and i got a book in the mail the other day, Fretboard Logic, which has been interesting.. i'm not sure who sent it - although i have suspicions - and i've been working the guitar pretty hard these days. so thanks, mysterious book sender.

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Anonymous said...

what?? new accordion player? tell me! (jana)