Monday, January 14, 2008

Glass Collapse

i know you fall to pieces.

even if you're sorry, can it ever be enough?
don't whisper - i can hear you well enough.

i'm pretty tired of pretending to like you.
i'm also sorry i said i love you.

i know you broke the window.

Glass Collapse

i had a bit of this guitar part a few days ago, but today on my lunch break i came home and wrote a bunch more and recorded a couple of takes.. and then after work emily and i sat around thinking about stuff.. i put on that little phase guitar bit, and wrote some words.. emily came up with some neat singing bits and played a weird keyboard/string part.. i think i kinda messed the mix up, enough that i might actually go back and try and fix it.. but i got deadlines, you know.

in addendum:

i did go back and revisit the mix, and i think it's much much better now.. maybe my favorite of songaday3? crazy talk.

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