Tuesday, February 21, 2012

week four

well, i found a local MC here in portland.. and that's super cool, but i only found one.. and in the meantime, i made a few more beats. i think these are 'technically' a bit better than my first round, but they also might be a little less experimental.. they're all in a pretty narrow range of tempo, and i didn't include a lot of the failed attempts..

in fact, you might notice many of them use the same drumbeat (and tempo, more or less..). 'cause i'm such a geek for hiphop right now, i wanted to play around with a few classic break beats, and i think this list of hip hop songs using melvin bliss' synthetic substitution is pretty crazy.. and i know & love quite a few of those on the list.. so i did a few beats using that as a starting point. kinda dorky exercise, huh? oh well.

anyhow, here we go:

harder target
candy apples
magic spells
sticky spree
granny smith
mountain size
sour apples

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