Thursday, September 01, 2011

Truly Daring

Another for the A.F.C. album - Truly Daring is a song I wrote one night while at the practice space, all alone with a single strand of christmas lights for illumination. i was working with the big dynamic shift from the get-go, trying to figure out how i can come in with big guitars and live drums and screamy vocals, yet still contrast that with acoustic guitars.. and then, somehow along the line, we put together the intro - it started off with some more random piano bits, but really came together with emily's film noir trumpet solo..

Truly Daring

Boney is just this kid from back in grade school
a lizard's light beneath his skin 
but he showed doubt and word got out 
now i don't get to be his friend 

Truly Daring is just the way I was in high school 
a madness i could try and call my own 
it rippled out in the dark - i swear i gave off sparks 
to keep us warm against the cold

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