Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vitamin B

Vitamin B

this here is a little gem from a band called the Garys, outta Ft. Collins, Colorado.. it was the band of Jon Paul Kronser (from Evil Alien Costume) before he moved out to Portland and started playing music with us. Emily and I were listening to the CD the other day, and this one really stood out - both as a nice little pop song and a nice little diversion from October Mountain, which is still under construction.

the Garys' version is a more pop-punk version.. faster and straighter and with some crazy drums on it.. but i wasn't too interested in just reworking it verbatim.. so we slowed it and swung it and orchestrated it a bit. nothing too fancy..

of course, October Mountain is still on the near horizon.. all the songs are very close to finished, but not one of the seven or eight are completely done, so that's a little disappointing. perhaps this weekend emily and i can round the corner and start putting 'em in the can. as it were.



leah b. said...

send it in an email
tape it to your shirt
but don't ever put your baby
in a can.

hard-won words of wisdom from leah b.

Daniel said...

Great song!

adam brown said...

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