Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Eleventh Hole

this is what emily and i have been doing, amongst other things.. The Eleventh Hole. In which Amy and Mary are separated by an untimely demise, but through Amy's death a bit of hope is brought back to the living, as Mary and the Professor work hard to set things right.

or something like that.

1 - Le Professor (Du Babylon)
2 - This
3 - A Cure For Meat
4 - Rich Enough to Ignore It
5 - A Cheery Scandal
6 - Date to a Funeral
7 - You Can't Even Be Here

i'm not sure how podcasting reacts to multiple .mp3s in one post, so i'm only including one here, but you can find 'em all on the Eleventh Hole page.

and in the process of finishing up this album, i went back to what i consider the first album, Animal Teeth, that Emily and i put together after the first round of SongADay - i discovered i hadn't actually posted a few of songs.. some good ones, too, like Wet Glass and Your Ideas. neat stuff..



Anonymous said...

Hey. Just wanted to pop in here and tell you that I think the music you've made here in AMAZING. Keep it up, and thanks for sharing.

Wake Forest NC, USA

Keith Ridgway said...

I stumbled across this via Said the Gramophone. It's been the best stumble I've had in ages. I've stumbled right into your arms. Now you have to kiss me.